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Fontal Việt Nam

Công ty TNHH Thương mại Kỹ Thuật Hưng Gia Phát là đại lý phân phối chính thức Fontal Việt Nam

Fontal Việt Nam

Fontal Việt Nam

Fontal Việt Nam

Air Preparation Equipment F.R.L. Unit Features:
Fontal use traditional solid metal double male thread connector to avoid leak caused by aging rubber. The available choice of metal bowl making Fontal’s F.R.L series has a good reputation of well reliability.
・Large flow rate
・Wide range of port size: Rc¼~2
・Various drainage way

Air Preparation Equipment F.R.L. Unit: Standard Type
・Come standard with air filter, air regulator, air lubricator and optional for wide range of port size Rc¼~2 meet customer requirements
・ Various drainage ways include automatic drain, spring drain, drainmaster, and manual drain.
・ Optional for metal cup to avoid the possibility of a collision caused by moving machine

Series: U658, U668 ; U628 ; C628, C668 ; C728/C828 ; A728 /A828 ; S604 ; BR ;H604 ; R010, R011 ; R119 ; F602 ; M600 ; L606 ; B011, B012


Air Preparation Equipment F.R.L. Unit: Miniature Series
Miniature Series meet customer requirements with air filter, air regulator, air lubricator and various drainage ways include automatic drain, spring drain, drainmaster, and manual drain.
Series:U558, U528, C528, W361, R364, F504, S504, M500, L508, B549


Air Preparation Equipment F.R.L. Unit: Relief Valve 
Quality relief valve control pressure in the fixed safe range by relieving excess pressure to increases the stability and security of machine.
Series: P130, P300


Air Preparation Equipment F.R.L. Unit: Drain Valve

Quality drain valve can discharge water in the end of piping and the bottom of the gas barrel automatically, which is manpower-saving and convenient.
Series: D011, D608

Air Cylinder — Round Type Features:

Fontal offers a variety of technical solutions to customers and provide a wide range of quality air cylinder. Our round type air cylinder is mostly applied to electronics, mechanical arm, spring machine, food & packaging, and other industries.
・Small angle
・Long life
・Wide range of types
・Low friction (optional)
・High heat-resistant (optional )

Air Cylinder-Round Type: Z Series

Stainless steel tube design to prolong duration
Anti-rotation piston rod and various mounting types for customers choice
Series: ZZ☐U


Air Cylinder-Round Type: J Series
・Various mounting types and Φ20~40mm bore size for customers choice
・Built-in rubber cushion is standard. Air cushion, high heat-resistant, low friction, and dual stroke are available as well
Series: J, J☐7,J with Cushion,J☐E,J☐L, JGD2, JGD7, JGA7 ,JGA2,JGJ2,JCX,JGO, JGND


Compact Air Cylinder Features:
Fontal’s Compact Air Cylinder is designed specially to save space. A wide range of bore size and customized capability to offer the solutions for customers.
・Long life
・Small declination angle
・Wide range of bore size: Φ10~100mm

Compact Air Cylinder: X Series
・Wide range of bore size: Φ10~100mm
・Double action type come standard with Built-in rubber cushion. Optional for double rod, dual stroke, and adjustable stroke types
Series: XX☐7,X☐D2, X☐D7, X☐A7, X☐A2


Air Cylinder — Guide Cylinder

Guide Cylinder: Dual Rod Cylinder
・High load capacity
・Various installation
・Convenient installation
Series: FCN


Guide Cylinder

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